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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

First Day Of Children Bible Camp (CBC)

The first day of CBC. Get to know with my group members, they are very adorable and naughty at the same time. I barely can't control them from running here and there, spilling drinks all over the table and their hyper-activeness (does this word exist? :P correct me if I'm wrong :) )

I'm amazed by the J4C(Just For Christ) activity during the CBC. I'm not considered as little kid anymore but I'm still captivated by their activities.The are really good when it comes to attract kids' attention to have bible study. They will sing( with actions) and they danced even better than me, even though I have the energy as a teenager :P

There are lots of games, the kids enjoyed themselves when it come to games. One of my group member cried when she didn't win one of the games. It showed how important the games for them. They really wanna win and get the prize. 

We finished at 5 pm but as for the mentors and teachers, we still have Seminar conducted by the J4C team. So, that day I reached Doris' house at around 12 pm. Long and tiring day, but thanks to Him, everything went smoothly.

To be continue <3