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Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Thanks to le roomate for lending me her digital camera.
I've been using this Nikon Coolpix for 1 week and I found out that this camera is quite amazing, it has features like selectice colour, where you can choose what colour you want and only that colour will be visible in your image and the rest will be black and white (first photo).The video quality is quite good but I still prefer to use dslr even though it is heavy and not portable. Some may prefer to use compact digital camera, such as Sony Nex 1, Nikon 1 and etc because it is portable rather than carrying a heavy one. 
In my point of view, I prefer dslr because I can adjust most of the setting easily, (after you learn how to read the manual). Trust me, you can see the difference between both of the camera.

Don't get me wrong.I'm not saying compact dslr like Nikon 1 is not good, I'm just prefer to use the big and heavy dslr. If you want to argue about the quality and etc etc, please refrain yourself to do so because I'm just giving out opinions :)

I remember the quote,
It is not the price of your camera that will determine the photo, but the creativity from the photographer. 


juwen said...

siuk jg tu kamira ble setings 1 tone warna + auto b/w