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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Good night wish.

Watched Sinister and I'm not very satisfied with the ending :/ 
Continue watching Laputa Castle in The Sky. Browsing le folders to search more movies, preferably romantic movies. erk. I'm running out of nice movies to watch. Aiyer.Still have 5 more days to spend in this golden cage before I go back to my hometown. Stupid broadband quota for not letting me download the movies that I want T.T 
It's 10. 16 pm and I already feel sleepy. Good night peeps. Sleep tight. 


Anonymous said...

yan, u dl movie slalu gna software atau online? share2 ba :/

Chihiro said...

@NataliaQm sy dwonload guna torrent ni.ko dwnload ja finaltorrent trus torrent file ko cri d google :)