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Monday, 26 November 2012

try harder when you failed.

Subcribed to Jayesslee youtube channel long time ago (I always follow their updates :) and I saw their new cover. I'm waiting for their new video so this is it. Their angelic voices never failed to make me feel amazed. Then, Janice make an announcement that she is getting married soon! I'm feeling like the cloud nine.Teheee ^_______^ *macam saya pula yang kahwin kan

I'm happy for Janice and her fiance. May God bless your marriage :3 Continue using your voice to be a blessing towards other people.

This song reminds me to try harder when you failed.

This one goes out to all those who are feeling a little burnt and hopeless. You gotta get up and try and try and try.

They wrote this as the video description and it really catches my attention. I do feeling a little bit frustrated, with some of my classmates behaviour, things got worse and I realised the stress I've been carrying on my shoulder is consuming me. Don't worry yan, after the event tomorrow, all of your worries will be gone.I've promised to myself, I don't want to involve in any class activities anymore. I feel unfair to those who sacrificed their time practicing and doing the best for the performance while the others wasting time and complaining at the back. 
It's so pathetic when smarter people don't know how to cooperate. 


juwen said...

what happen with your class yan? smile :)