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Thursday, 29 November 2012

To those who are suffering

I browsed Cath-J temporary blog just now and I read about her condition and her experience with chemotherapy treatment. We barely know each other but in a blogger world, every blogger is your friend because this is the place you can exchange almost everything. When I read  her blog (Cath-J's), I don't know how to describe my feelings. It is all mixed up and all I can feel is sympathy. Be strong my dear friend, I know you are struggling to fight the cancerous cells. She wrote about how the chemotherapy were conducted and it is really  educative. I never know how the chemotherapy treatment conducted until I read her blog. I sincerely feel that she is a very optimist person, and I'm happy to see people with such type of spirit.

This post is also dedicated to Ety, who is also battling for cancer. She once stated that
'Everything that happen to me,i never feel despair to confront it' in her blog and
I adore her, for being positive about her condition. I know her through blogging world.
I'm not good with words but I sincerely write this post to tell them that they've inspired me, to be optimist and strong, even though harsh storms and thunderous situation happened in their life.

Be strong, my dear friends :)