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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A great night.

Majlis Malam Jalinan Kasih Program Farmasi KSKB Sg Buloh held at Dynasty Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
Joining the performance from our batch.I'm proud with the dancers, choir and fashion show although we didn't have much time to practice :) Thank you for your full support :3
I'm wearing my traditional costume, been thinking of changing the costume to Punjabi clothes after we are finished with the dancing but le friend said I look fine wearing that. 
So, I'll say to our senior, Welcome to working world, and see you later, maybe we got posted in the same place :)
More photos to come, still waiting the files from le friend's handphone. I took lots of instax pictures.Yahuuu :3

Our dance performance :)

In conclusion, I had a great night. Now, ready to go home. Hometown babyyy :D


Caroline Henry said...

Cantik ko pakai baju dusun :3

☆彡Mitchell Cullen said...

I like your costume.. ^^ I hope I could have the chance to wear it someday, mgkali time kahwin baru got chan ne.. haha

aestherlyienda said...

another semester has ended.. happy holiday!

nGiau Jairim said...


Chihiro said...

@Caroline Henry
ponsikou :3

Chihiro said...

@☆彡Mitchell Cullen ba moi pakai time kawin :3 mesti lawa tu

Chihiro said...

@aestherlyienda yayy *away from this sangkar* yeahh! XD

Chihiro said...

@nGiau Jairim thank you ngiau <3