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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” ― W. Clement

Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” ― W. Clement

Finally got my transcript. I was supposed to get this after our result has been announced but apparently I booked my ticket back to my hometown on the same date the day I supposed to take it by myself. So that's mean, I didn't know my result when I came home, I just know I passed the examination after I called our advisor.She won't tell me my pointer so 1 month holiday at home, I completely have no clue about my result until yesterday.

I expect less, because I know how my carry marks can't help much with the final's paper, since I screwed up 3 of the paper, having carry marks below 20 out of 30, especially Pengenalan Kepada Amalan Farmasi, I only got 15/30 for my carry mark.

After Mdm Azimah called my name, you don't know how my heartbeat raced and I'd only hope for the best. Thank God, I survived :) I guess being lazy and a procrastinator need to be wipe away from my system to face this adventurous journey next, semester 3. I feel stressed and somehow I don't think I can cope with all those killer subjects but I should not give up, since race towards victory has not even started yet, it's just a beginning.


A.G.P said...

congrats dalingg.. :)

Adeline jOcelLyn said...

wahhh..hebat ! congrats yan :D
and good luck for the next journey. ;)

Mischka said...

waaa congrats :) I screwed up mine this sem, i'm not expecting anything :(

pikir kool said...

gratz on ur result :)