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Sunday, 6 January 2013


Went to 1 Utama with le girls. Arrived there I feel very hungry, I haven't take my breakfast yet, and I told them just go shopping without me, because they don't feel hungry yet. Then, I got this one place I really wanna go, which is Pizza Hut. I ate meal for 2 person, like a bawse because I'm too hungry.
I don't have the intention of shopping actually, I just want a fresh (mall) air, I just wanna eat something nice because I  miss home cooked meal :(
So, I'm more like window shopping, not really I guess :P
Since Pauline didn't found what she wanted, change of plan, we are going to Midvalley by Rapidkl bus. Took 1 hour ++ until we reach KL Sentral. Then I changed my mind again, I told them to go to Midvalley without me because I want to go to Amcorp Mall to buy books. 
I ended up buying 3 new books, I started reading Baby Proof by Emily Giffin and I must admit that It really catches my attention :3 
Meet them at Midvalley a few hours later and then heading back to hostel with a happy (tired) feet.
Le friend bought products from Skin Food and she got this cute calendar and free samples.She gave me those calender and a few samples. I never buy expensive skin products, she said to me that both of us spending money on different things. Quite true :3
So that is how I spend a whole Saturday. 


Buntak Dayung said...

Happy reading new books and happy new year 2013

A.G.P said...

bgs la tu skinfood? sy mau try ooh tu..