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Sunday, 27 January 2013

hidden flaws.

Waking up from  an evening nap and I realized that I haven't removed the make up from my face after get back from church. How inconsiderate I am to my face -.- I guess I'm super tired because last night I slept quite late, after rehearsal at church and my friend and I waited for the other friend to come and fetch us from the church to their house. I used to stay  at Doris' place once in a month, if I have rehearsal because  my hostel and the SIB PJ church is quite far, screw the curfew hours I can't make it to get back here before 10 pm. So, the solution is, if i have my name listed as one of the back up singers/ dancers, I stay overnight at my friend's house.

So, last night, there was this conversation that really made a wake up call to me.

C: Na, ko jahit tepi2 ni baju sendiri
V: Kau saja yang jahit tu pandai, rusak tau ni baju ko. Saya tidak pandai menjahit
C: ngaran ko no do 9A om ou koilo monombir ( nama saja dapat 9A tapi nda pandai menjahit)

Hahaha. We are always like this. Teasing each other, *it's not really teasing but I can't find the right word to describe* If you haven't get to know each other with her, you surely don't understand her. We've been best friends quite a long time, so practically I know both sides of her, good and the bad sides.teheee. So I'm not feel angry about what she said, about being excellent in studies but sadly, failed in some other things, things that a girl should know.

I'm not angry because I know what she said is true :) Yeah, I failed when it comes to sew and cook, I can cook, but I am only cooking for myself, not for other people because I can't stand negative comments. It gives me discouragement. True story. tehee. She also keep pointing at me about the part that I don't know how to cook, and she even make fun of me when I started to cut some onions or started cooking. She will say, *punyaa tebal ko putung bawang* *telampau hati2 juga kau putung* *masak mee pun ko nda tau ni kan* ahahahahaha. screw me.

So, I'm now 21, single and loving it, so I don't have the tension to start myself educated with things that a girl should know, about qualities that men would love to search in their dream girl. I'm sure men will choose:
1. Pretty with brain
2. can cook
3. kind hearted
4. can do chores (rajin la katakan)
5. can take care of their children
6. etc

I always say this to myself:
"lama lagi saya mo kawin, palan2 la blajar masak"
"sy cari la ni boyfriend yang tau masak"
"tidak payah la kawin, kesian bakal suami sy dapt isteri macam sy yg nda pandai masak, nda pandai buat kerja lain"

So maybe the reason I'm quite afraid marriage is I'm afraid I'm not perfect to the person I'm going to marry and leads to a disappoinment to him marrying such a troublesome girl.It's true, I just wanna find a man that does not hold such a high expectation on me, he knows that I'm not a perfect girl. Believe me, there are tons of flaws hidden inside me.


beaty said...

Ha ha nakal..even ada yng suda beranak pinak x pndi masak.. Lol. Buli bh tu pelan2 ko blajar..

A.G.P said...

someday you'll find that someone who can accept u for who u r baaa jg...palan2... :) mc muda..hehe

Chihiro said...

@beaty hihi.tu la ba tu. mo blajar masak awal2 tp malassss seja sy

Chihiro said...

haha.jan ckp bgtu.nnti awal smpi jodoh ma :P

A.G.P said...


klau awal lg bgs..hahaha...x sbar sy jd pengapit nih.haha