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Saturday, 26 January 2013

this is so random.

Social networks started to bloom since, err I don't quite remember when, but the first social network I signed up is, Myspace. I still remember going to cyber cafe and started browsing Myspace, looking for hot guys' profile, steal their pictures and then claimed to be your die-hard crushes. Silly. I do remember it quite clear, this one guy I used to have crush on him, he went to different school, and he had a girlfriend back then. I told my best friends there is one guy I kinda like, then showed them his photos and one of my friend told me he is not handsome at all. Then I defended him, saying that that is just a bad picture of him.nyahahahah
At the end, nothing happened, I stopped having crush on him, and he doesn't know anything until now (or maybe he doesn't know me at

I signed up for Friendster. Friendster was like, wao! at that time, where you can post a shoutout, change your backgrounds, sending testimonials with glittery comments. Here, people with highest number of friends are considered as friendster famous. You can see lots of profile with names such as:
1) BaObei FULL
2)Xiao Cute FULL

those names ended with "FULL" considered they've reached the maximum number of friends, which means they are famous.Not to mention they fake their profile pictures by using artist's photos. Then you can check who's viewing you profile recenty by clicking the *Whos View me* button. Not suitable for a stalker like me but you will feel your heart flutters when someone who is you crush appears on the "Who's view me" page. HAHAHA *silllyyyyyyyy

Then here comes the most crucial part, which is Facebook. It's becoming a phenomena, there's a song entitled for this site, relationships, family and even friendships are ruined because of one post. Then you can read a public diary posted every 5 minutes about how bored they are, relationship status *A is in a relationship with B* , statuses like *I hate my life*, *I'm gonna deactivate my fb soon.Bye* *I love my hubby so much muah muah* *I took 500g PCM today because of fever* *I'm ugly:duckface* .I admit I've been in that*jahiliah moment* back then. Silly times 1000000.

Forgot to mention there are people who can't spell correctly.
S4Y3 SUK3 4W4XXX muaxxxx



Gee said...

I had all of it too! zaman friendster juga lah yg paling active konon.. if it still exist now I'll read all of my silly status and messages back.. hehe

Caroline Henry said...

haha, i had a good laugh :D good one!

Chihiro said...

@Geeit brings back memories kan :)

Chihiro said...

@Caroline Henry glad I make u laugh :D laugh more laugh moree! :P

juwenjoanne said...

hahahahahha! FS was that time.. and yes ive meet u, sisters n cousins..

Mischka said...

lol "kitew jangan mawrah taw." ;P