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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Suddenly It's Magic

I love spending my time watching decent movies, and not only restricted to lovey dovey movies, but I'm open, as long as the movie catches my attention :)

so, recent movie that I watch was Suddenly It's Magic. It's a very..hmm how to describe, if it is a cupcake, it will be filled with lots of sugar and the person who will eat it will feel a sense of euphoric and you feel like paradise. HAHAHAH *nice description yan -.-
Typical love story, between a famous Thailand actor, Marcus who falls in love with a ordinary girl, Joey from Phillipines when he visited Philippines to ease his mind from stressful work and his ex girlfriend, because they are always paired up in a movie as  hero and heroin. Marcus was clearly moved on with his ex girlfriend, but their fans wanted them to be paired up in every single movie.
When both Marcus and Joey fall deeply in love, they face many problems, as Marcus is on his rocky state, his career needs a full hardwork and sacrifices, his fans don't like Joey, and Marcus' mom seems not to agree with their relationship.

Personally, I think this movie is too good to be true. It won't happen in the real situation, I guess. Or maybe I'm just to prejudice about fairytale love because none of it are true. But, I still watch this because I found out that every movie there are always somethings that can be my inspiration. So, leave aside my judgmental comments :P

How could you allow yourself to believe in what you all knew was just a beautiful lie?  - Joey   

 It’s not a lie. They may have lied to us, but the love we’ve felt for them, the love we gave,  
 That was trueThat’s why it hurts. And that’s why we’ll learn to APPRECIATE the Next one that comes along. ” - Marcus 

Joey experienced a heartbreak before she met Marcus. She felt very stupid, she once believe that she and her ex boyfriend could end up together. 

“I would like to think and to believe that this time we’re stronger, we’re more grown up, we know better. And because we know what it’s like to be apart from each other, no matter how tough things get, we’re not going to let each other go again.”

Marcus said to Joey:
“I stopped liking fairytales and happy endings a long time ago. But you, you’re making me believe in them again. “

I do admit that I keep screaming while watching this movie because I find the very sweet together and yeas, Marcus is a very handsome guy and Joey is a very beautiful and they are like, soulmate. Tehee. well, this is just a movie.Movie's plot is very perfect because the script was written by a scriptwriter. 

ahh.I'm melting. He is just too handsome.Teheeeeee