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Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Impossible

I tried so hard to let myself cry for a sad movie everytime I feel depressed because seems like crying is one of the way for me to get myself better.Most of the time I failed, maybe because the movie was not so touching or maybe the problem is just me. Then, le frien told me about his movie, she watched the trailer and she said that maybe we should go watch at cinema after we got our allowance.  We went to Times Square, planning to go to Midvalley at first but I don't fancy Midvalley because of I can't buy things there, except for foods because I'm not the kind of person who willing to spend extra money on branded things. Sometime quantity outweigh quality :P

So, for those who haven't watch this movie, go watch now because it will be worth :) 

Synopsis: The account of a family caught in the mayhem of the tragic tsunami that hit Southeast Asia in 2004.

Heart-wrenching and hopeful. Honest and astonishing. THE IMPOSSIBLE is a film that will make you cry both for sadness and for joy.

While the film is based on a true account of one family and their fight for survival in Thailand during the Boxing Day tsunami, Hollywood (as per usual) has left its mark on the story (ie making a Spanish family caucasian). But while many would have taken this amazing account of human perseverance and love and turned it into something completely manipulated and unworthy, the Alvarez family and their story is honored by a beautiful, honest, and inspiring interpretation by Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona (THE ORPHANAGE).


juwenjoanne said...

yan, mcm byk sdh ni ko taru gmbr ble guyang2 hehe.. mcm mn ko buat tu??

Chihiro said...

@juwenjoanne buli buat sndiri di photoscape sma photoshop :) tp yg ini sy ambi dri tumblr.hihi

juwenjoanne said...

haaaa?? photoscape?? aiyaaa mcm mn tu aaa? siuk pula ni sa tgk gambal guyang2 hahaha