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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Danny & Sandra Engagement Day :)

Danny and Sandra Engagement Day 12/02/2013

Time flies so fast. I still remember we were the one who climbed the mango tree together, picking mangos, playing "gelongsor' and all the childhood games in the 90s. Reminiscing the old times, when we were still young.Now she's engaged :') 
I'm looking forward for your wedding day cuzzy :)

Quite a lot of engagement and wedding events to be attend this year. I like it <3. That's means I can take more photos :3  


aestherlyienda said...

gah! I know that guy. lol

ZeLL~LeaH said...

congratz to them! my cousin also just got engaged about 2 weeks ago.

Chihiro said...

@aestherlyienda wahh kecilnya dunia ini.hihi how you know him?

Chihiro said...

@ZeLL~LeaH maybe this year is the time to get engaged and to get married.hihihih. btw congratulation to your cousin :)

beaty said...

wah tunang suda dia kan... congrats btw

Alexy Rusx said...

tunang suda pula si Danny tu?nama seja becousin..tida sy tau2.. Congratz!