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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Skin Care Products

I've been inconsiderate to my skin since the first day I arrived at my hometown. No more 2 liters of plain water per day because I'm too lazy to drink that amount of water at home. Now I have this scaly, and dry skin.Sobsss :( I also have this bad habit of not taking a good care of my face, no moisturizer/ sunscreen during dayout. I'm not thinking about the UV light that can be harmful to our skin.
For me, applying lotion is very, hmm complicated as I always say it "leceh".Then only now I feel regret.
So, as a solution, to prevent my skin condition to become worse, I've started applying lotion whenever I feel like my skin is dehydrated, and applying moisturizer to my face as well as sunscreen. Went to Kota Kinabalu this morning and luckily my sister in a good mood and she bought me a Skinfood Serum for my oily skin which cost her 80 ringgit. I've tried the sample before, as I've mention earlier, I can't afford buying an expensive skincare products even though KSKB students are fiven allowances every month but I don't feel worth spending my allowance on expensive products.HAHA. So I wait for somebody to buy it for me.*kejam :p. I have oily skin on my T-zone, since I keep sweating.I only walked for a short distance and I started sweating like I've been running in a marathon. Sometime I feel insecure, I just apply my makeup and after walking for a while, sweats wipe away my makeup :( So, I've been searching for a products that is not oily-based, since it could worsen my condition and making it conducive for acne to grow. I found a solution, which is the Skinfood Serum but the problem is, it is a bit expensive.
So, suggest me any good product, non oily-based products would be fine :) and cheap too! 


Caroline Henry said...

Susah tu yan mau cari the perfect cleanser, moisturizer, etc. Ko kena banyak mencuba, tingu mana yg sesuai sama kulit ko. Sa keja guardian pun x buli main rekomen2, nnt kna saman klu x ngam. hehe. tapi, klu kulit bminyak jan ko guna essence, sbb dia bminyak, ngam suda ko guna serum tu. klu cleanser, try for gel, sesuai tu utk kulit bminyak.

atau ko try product yg organic mcm himalaya ka. tapi ok suda ba kulit ko tu, ko kena apply sunscreen ja la bila2 ko kluar, bahaya tu UV~