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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Goodbye, my love

The last day at home. Holiday is coming to an end and all I can say is I had a beautiful and wonderful time here. Home is where the heart is and I feel grateful for the time I've spent here. Even though it was just 1 week. I've had enough.More than enough :) I haven't started packing yet, no worries I don't have many things to be packed.

So how's my one week holidays so far?

1. I ate a lot, like there is no tomorrow. Thanks for the foods, I don't care about the gain of weight (actually I care) I just can't control my appetite since there are lots of delicious food around me and all I can do is eat, over and over again :P
2. spent quality time at home, with my lovely mom,  sisters, niece and nephews. I love the feeling when all of us gather in this house and the situation become chaotic, especially when the niece and nephews started to play and quarrel about toys. 

3. Re-dyed my hair, I choose Ash Brown this time and the result is pretty good :) Got my bangs cut into fringe, and I trimmed the split ends. 

4. Cousin's engagement, it was a beautiful ceremony, I can't believe one of my best friend/partner in crime during childhood is engaged!

and the list goes on. tehee. I just wanna say I'm having fun :)
Going back to Sungai Buloh tomorrow, with new spirit. I'm in a high spirit for mid semester examination !


ELYAS ERIC said...

Basarrrrrrrrr sudah dorg si bianca...dulu 1st2 ko gmbr masih kecil lgi....hehehe