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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Save The Date.

Went to SIB PJ today and Brenda gave me this white envelope. I smiled at her, teasing her, indicating that her big day is coming soon! I feel excited.Lol. I'm not the one who getting married but I'm the one who get excited :P

I open the wedding invitation and taa dahh, here it is, the card. The wedding will be held at Sabah, on weekend. So I still can go back, even though for just 3 days and 2 nights.I told mum, I'm going back on 22th March, but I'm not be able to reach home since I only can stay at KK and attend my friend's wedding reception. Thank God she understands my situation. I'll book flights on 22th, and will be coming back to KL on 24th. Such a short period :( But it's okay, I'm excited to attend their wedding.


Mischelle said...

cantiknya her invitation card.