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Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Today seems like an ordinary day to me , waking up at 6.10am, take a bath, get ready to class. We got pharmaceutics lab today so I predicted that I'll be skipping my breakfast at 10am again.Apparently, lab went smoothly, even though the aircond was not functioning well and I'm sweating like I'm running in a marathon during the the session. So, after stuffing myself with foods, suddenly le classmates sing Happy birthday song, and I was speechless. I'm honoured, even though it might seems very simple celebration, no cake, candles whatsoever, I appreciate that they remember and their warm wishes :)

Also the text messages, before the clock strikes 12, I already received wishes from le friends and I feel, happy.You all made my day, thank you for remembering the smallest thing about me.It is important to me since I have this difficulty in remembering birthdays, numbers so to the people who actually remember my birthdays, thank you very much! 
 Maybe I can't show my real thanks wishes but i want you all to know that I appreciate the wishes and I love to reply all the wishes in a better way. A simple 'thank you' may not be enough. 

so, this marks my 21 years old year.
1.Buli mengundi suda
2.buli ka kawin? xD 

lol. I love you all so much. Stay awesome. Be awesome and jum makan sy lapar.*so random
hugs and kisses.


Mischelle said...

Happy belated birthday! May God bless you and family abundantly with richness and health and everything you need. :)

aestherlyienda said...

Happy Belated Bornday girl. Be blessed, be prosper and happiness be with you always.