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Monday, 25 March 2013

Fabz & Bren Solemnization

So this is how I spent my weekend. 

Attended my friend's wedding ceremony held at SIB Asia City Church. Yea it's at Sabah and I fly back to Sabah for 3 days just to be there during their solemnization :) Planned to attend their wedding since the first time they told us their wedding date. I don't know my schedule yet that time so I guess it will falls on holiday. Since our mid semester break is wayy to early, so I decided to book a ticket even though I'll be at Sabah  for a short period of time. Luckily the wedding falls on weekend, which means, no classes :P

Stayed in Shangri-La Hotel, only a walking distance from the church with Doris and Citra. Arrived at KK around 12.20 am.Took our supper since we were starving and headed to our hotel. The next morning, we are getting ready for the wedding and we were among the early guest to arrive at church :P excited much? :P

The wedding went smoothly, I almost cried when the moment of exchanging vows.Even the bride also shed tears :') 
Took a few photos only.Maybe I'm blown away with the wedding :P At night, heading to Ming Gardens hotel for the celebration. We were performing Sumazau dance, without any practice.fuhh I'm glad it went well.just a cold feet :P I'm busy trying to remember the dance step and blown away with the foods lol I'm a food lover so I just let others to take photos and tag me along.

It was wonderful time, able to witness two souls became one. in the name of God :) Congratulation to Fabian and Brenda, God bless both of you and your marriage :)