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Sunday, 28 April 2013


Woke up and feel a little bit confused.I thought that I was late for class and I stared at the clock for a minute trying to think calmly.Then I wondered around the room, then only I realised that today is Sunday. I hate this kind of situation, I ended up feeling confused headache. Took my bath, get ready and waiting to be fetched. 
After Sunday service, waited for le bus alone, as le 'ging karas" went separate destination today, as I'm heading to Midvalley to buy some things for le classmate. One thing I hate about Midvalley is, it will always be packed with people.Grrrr. Bought the thing I wanted and went back to Sungai Buloh by KTM. I can't stay longer with all those people shopping here and there, it made my headache worse. It feels weird to walk around in a shopping mall when you are completely alone, and broke :p 
So, le classmate asked me to buy her usual products at Skinfood, I'm just helping her and I wanted to redeem my sample. So, here are the samples I got today. Did I mention before I lovee free samples? :D

I'm in love with Skinfood products but I just can't afford it.sobsobsob

Arrived at hostel and the routine goes on.Ironing the uniform, laundry etc. Took my 3-hours nap (is it considered as nap? lul) 

  This photo was taken around 6++ pm.Look how bright the day was, if compared at Sabah, galap suda sana ni jam 6.