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Friday, 10 May 2013

Books are a uniquely portable magic. (Stephen King, On Writing)

Finished with 5 papers so far. Screwed Pharmaceutics V paper, I don't know what to answer since the questions was unexpectedly hard. Nevermind, every cloud has a silver lining. 3 more to go.

So today I went to the office and checked  whether I have any parcel and yes, my order from
 Debook Room has arrived safely. Been waiting for the perfect time to buy this book . I bought this book for RM 26 + RM 6 for postage. I've checked the latest price on MPHonline, and the price is more-less the same, RM 33.90 but nothing beat the satisfaction of sonline shopping where everything made easy with a single click. You just wait and there you have it, no hassles of going out. tehee.
I do love exploring and window shopping in malls, but somehow I want something easy and because lack of time, I spent most of my time with online shopping. Thanks to the advance of technology, but it could be addictive where you can splurge without realizing. Be careful, shop-freaks :p

I can't start reading it yet since I'm still busy preparing for the last 3 subjects. No worry, by the time I finished my last paper on Wednesday, I will spend time reading and movie-marathon. Can't wait :3
 Happy Friday people, here comes tomorrow, which means,  WEEKEND!


Anonymous said...

aww thank you for the link!! :D

Chihiro said...

@Nazihah hehe, u're welcome.spread the love! :3

A.G.P said...

hihi sy pn bru beli ni kmarin d times....rm29 sbb dpt diskaun 20%.. :D

Chihiro said...

@A.G.P wohh, member pnya diskaun ka?

Chrisse~ said...

Sis ada lg buku sis mau ka? India murah sikit:) sy blh tlg beli:)

juwenjoanne said...

waaa..tq for the link info.. hehe

Chihiro said...

@Chrisse~ iya ka sis? bahh nnti sy whatsapp :3

A.G.P said... gna baucer buku ja...semua buli dpt diskaun..:D