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Monday, 27 May 2013

Getaway: Penang

Went to Penang for weekend getaway :) Stayed at New Asia Heritage Hotel for 3 days and 2 nights. The room was comfortable, worth the money we've paid.
 Arrived at Penang International Airport, we searched for taxi to our destination, Kimberley Street, to our hotel. The taxi driver was super nice, he even suggested to us some of the must-go places and friendly too. After checking in, apparently our hotel is situated very strategic near the Rapid Penang bus station and few shopping malls like Prangin Mall and 1st Avenue. So, we've decided to hop in Prangin Malls for window shopping and kill the time before going back to hotel and rest for the night.
Second day (Saturday) after doing goggling and asking for friend's suggestion, we decided to go to Penang Hill for sightseeing and later go to Batu Feringgi Beach. We travel around Penang merely by Rapid Penang bus only, and it is much more convenient. We didn't bring our beach attire so at Batu Feringgi we just playing with the saltwater along the beach :( Late lunch at Batu Feringgi and later on we hop into Gurney Plaza, moreless like midvalley minus, it's smaller compared to Midvalley.Then we had our dinner outside the Gurney Plaza, food court consist of various dishes to be stuffed but poor us, we feel so full and bloated already after lunch and I ate my favorite Asam Laksa only. Going back to our hotel, since Q (man with stripe shirt) gonna go back to his hostel, he's studying at USM, so we waved goodbye to each other and we continued the journey to Kimberley Street.
The next day (Sunday) We went to the ferry station (Pangkalan Raja Tun Uda) to send Nicholas off to the mainland because he will be going back to Sungai Buloh by train, which the train station is situated at the mainland.To go there, we must take ferry about 15 minutes to go to Pangkalan Sultan Abdul Halim.Upon reaching the mainland, I can see that the train station is just in front of the ferry station, but we need to walk a little bit. After sending Nicholas off, then we headed back to the island, and heading to the airport, as our flight will be at 5.10 pm :)
It was a memorable journey, and I'm proud of ourself that we can be independent during this trip! Weee huuu! Thank you Google for helping :D