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Monday, 27 May 2013

Thank you, Father in Heaven.

Up,up and away~

I was so anxious while waiting for a phone call from our advisor regarding our final exam result. I was hoping I will not receive any calls but I can't guarantee that, since I knew well how bad my performance this semester. I was watching Nikita, my new-obsession tv series after The Vampire Diaries, and seems like I'm affected by the conflict of the storyline plus adrenaline rushed down while waiting for one particular phone call. It was not a good combination. Madam said that if there is no call until 5pm, that's mean you passed. So I keep an eye to my phone. When It's already passed 5, I logged in into my facebook account to see whether le classmates received any information from Madam.I found out that all of us passed, none failed and none will re-seat a paper.I couldn't ask for more, I feel grateful and for sure, it was all His mercy and guidance. Transcript will be given tomorrow with my logbook for practical year. I just want to thank Him, for He had given me strength to carry on this semester 3 with success. I'm nothing if it's not from Him, thank you Father :)


A.G.P said...

sy lg sgt risau sma exam sy....adui

aestherlyienda said...

Congratulations K =)

Dora said...


love Nikita, just finish watching season 3. I guess there will be a season 4 :)

Chrisse~ said...

Congrats sis! Harap sy pun dpt pass exam mcm sis ni. Btw buku sis sampai sdh:D