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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Movie: October Baby (2012)

I have this habit of multitasking, in the midst of studying I still find it to be practical, even though some of you may opposed that kind of learning. But maybe different people possesses different way of studying huh? :)

I've downloaded quite a few movies using the tablet, I amazed by the internet speed using Instanet simcard actually, compared to the postpaid-data plan  broadband on my laptop, the connection is terrible even the sloth is  faster than the speed itself :P So, recently I browse the movie listing through google, to be specific I searched for 2012 movie listing, to see what decent movies I've missed and I found October Baby. I didn't read the synopsis, so I didn't know what's the movie all about. After the download had finished, I watched it, while doing revision. 

Rough synopsis, this is the story of a girl named Hannah. She didn't know she was adopted until the time she met with her doctor to discuss about her medical condition, she was having seizures and asthma attack during her performance in a play, and somehow her parents come clean about everything during the meeting with the doctor. Confused and lost, she decided to go on a roadtrip with her friends, including Jason, famous guy in their school.Hannah decided to find her biological parents, to be clear about everything. Tu cut the chase, Hannah found her mother, but her mother rejected her, and to be exact Hannah was supposed to be aborted, but the plan failed. She was born pre-matured, and she has a twin brother, but died soon after delivered. 

She felt unwanted, the feeling where she should have died instead of her twin brother because she finds life was not a good place to live, since her biological mother rejected her. 
But, every line has a silver lining.Her non-biological parents loves her very much, and despite she being rebellious against them for not telling the truth earlier, they find a way to clear the atmosphere.

some nice quotes I found in this movie:

  • To be human is to be beautifully flawed
  • A father's love, a wedding dance, New Year's dreams, a toast with friends, a soldier coming home from war, the faith the hope of so much more,a brand new life, a mother's prayer,shooting stars,ocean air, a lover's kiss, and hard goodbyes, fireworks, Christmas lights,these are things that make us feel alive.
  • You had been forgiven, so you have the power to forgive others.

I fall in love with the soundtrack of this movie, 
  • Life Is Beautiful by The Afters
  • Hesitate By Steve Moakler
Great movie I must admit :)


Mischelle said...

"To be human is to be beautifully flawed"- i like that one the most :)where do u usually download ur movies?

Anonymous said...

Nice :-)