Daddy's little girl. Whenever she needed a space on her own, she will keep herself drowned with amazing books accompanied by Jericho and Mckenzie, the catch-eye.

Saturday, 8 June 2013


When the three musketeers combined (Thetcher, Bianca and Charlie), the house feels lively, once again. Even thought they created their own chaos, quarreling over toys but I love when they are around, at least this house wont be so quiet after all. The do make me feel drained of energy but that is just what life supposed to be when you are surrounded with hyperactive niece and nephews.Bianca took the first photo of me, she was eager to take photos using the compact camera, and I let her take any photos that catches her attention. Little kids with their sense of curiosity, just let them explore by themselves.

Happy Saturday, and have a great weekend :)