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Friday, 7 June 2013

A great listener heals the wounded soul.

Received the books from rejectbookshop(Instagram) today.Bought two books from there, only cost me RM8 each, and RM8 for shipping, total =RM24. Mostly they sell malay novels, but you can get decent English books from them as well :) Search for rejectbookshop on Instagram for more details :)

Had a great time with Gett today, we talked about everything and we didn't realised the clock was ticking so fast.  Thank you for lending your ears to listen some rants and stories that were piled up since the last time we hang out together. Welcome to a new semester, all the best Gett! :D


Alexy Rusx said...

:') till we meet againnn~~ *hugs*

Alexy Rusx said...
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