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Thursday, 6 June 2013

To do list.

1. Renew passport
2. Terminate postpaid plan
3. Take a new passport pictures
4. Subscribe next edition of Wonderbox and Mivva

So, after two days of going back and forth between town and home , I finally finished doing all my to do list. Passport need to be renew since it must be 6 month active before the date we supposed to travel. So, I decided to renew up to 5 years and I've paid RM 300. I already terminated my broadband postpaid plan, the one I've been using since 2010, reason, I'm using Instanet now for le tab. It is no use having two data plans, it will only cause me to paid another unnecessary bill. New passport pictures taken, as usual, none of it looked good xD nevermind.I'm used to it.hahahah. Lastly, I've subscribe the next edition for both Wonderbox and Mivva, thanks to le sister for spending me.arigato gozaimasu! :3

dompet kembali nipis, yang banyak hanya duit satu ringgit xD