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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

nerve-wrecking journey

My brain juice is decreasing. I wanted to write about everything, my practical so far, experience, funny things happened at work but I just can't write it all, for now. Practical life is tiring, I must admit that. I enjoyed myself, surrounded with funny people ( Pn Irene and Pn Intan) at Queen Elizabeth II Hospital but at the same time being monitored by a strict boss is quite an "amazing"experience.With my weaknesses here and there, my lousy skills as a pharmacy assistant, lack of competent  etc etc really driving him (boss) mad.He gave us a cold shoulder and making me feel nervous whenever he is around because he is there watching every step and your mistakes. I am coping with his attitude, it's hard but i'll try my best. It was different from what I've been expected. I'm not expecting a life with a bed of roses but certainly it was deviated from my imagination. I feel so tired after work and I usually spend my night with hitting the sack early at 9pm.
I'm worried about my future. Maybe I'm a type of person who can't handle so much stress and too much pressure. I'm not saying that this field of work I'm doing now is stressing, it's more to the process of being an excellent worker. People said its too early to be worried about those things, you'll soon, become like them, trained and experienced personel but sometime I just can't see the future which has my name on it.


Arms said...

Yea, all boss tend to be like that hahaa. Well, they have to make sure you do your job and no mistake.

But maybe soon, he'll loosen up a bit and be friendly to you :)

Happy Friday, Yan!