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Sunday, 18 August 2013

It's time to wipe all the spider webs.

 Been abandoning this blog for a long time. Sometime I really want to write something, a thought, motivational, books I recently read, updates, inspirational stories, photography but I can't cope with my so-called-new-life now. I'm utterly uninspired to spend more time with Jericho, and I'm feeling bad for myself for not being the person I've used to. So full of ideas on what to write and spill in this blog of mine. Gomenasai, minna-san.

1.Life been so much better, I'm trying to be more positive in life, being surrounded by different types of people with their own traits is my new challenge in life. I desperately trying to impress every single one of them but I fail to realize that I can't please everyone. 
2. Got 2 new books from Chris, she bought Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella and The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom from India because the books are cheaper there compared in Malaysia. Finished reading both of the book, and maybe I write about the books later in separate blog post :) The Time Keeper is my favourite
3. Went to a family photoshoot at Everbest Photo, we've discussed about this before, long time ago when late dad is still alive but we couldn't find the perfect time for all of us to gather. Now, we had the chance even though big bro, one of my bro in law and late dad was not there. 
4. Went for a getaaway at Kuching, got the chance to meet Jaeverny and Ivy, spent a few days at Jae's home and went to Serian as well. Awesome 5 days vacation, thank you to Jae and Ivy for the hospitality <3
5. Attended engagements and wedding, I must say this year is the year of weddings and engagements. 
6. Falling in love
7. Priceless experiences during work.
8. Watched some nice movies, Despicable Me 2 and The Conjuring
9. Splurging money on dresses <3
10. Went to the Youth Conference at KDCA :)

I guess the list has sum up all my recent updates in my life so far :P 

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juwenjoanne said...

sa suka numbur 6 waaaaaaaaaaaa :) :) cing cing cing