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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Sung Ha Jung Live in Sabah | 02012015

This is one of my most memorable moment in 2015, such a great starting of the year. I went to Sung Ha's concert on 2012 at Starcity (Asia City), and at that time I bought only the Silver ticket, which costs me RM98 and I was seated far behind the stage.During that moment, I was perfectly satisfied, even though I can't see very clearly but as long that I can listen to his music, I'm beyond happy. I didn't get the chance to get an autograph or photo session since it only applicable for those holding a gold ticket. On December 2014, when I was scrolling down my facebook feed, I saw a post about Sungha's second concert at Kota Kinabalu and I told to myself I really need to go since I'm enjoying my short break after finishing my diploma. I checked the ticket price, quickly decided which ticket I want to buy, even though I was reluctant at first to buy the VIP tix which cost me RM 238.I wanted to buy the Gold ticket, but then only VIP tix holder can participate a 'meet and greet' session with him. It costs me my last allowance but it was worth every penny :p


ELYAS ERIC said...

Di KK kah pula ni? Di mana kena buat? :)

Kaoru Rozer said...

sana sabah theological seminary, jalan istana :)