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Saturday, 6 August 2016

still breathing

A quick update on how I've been living my life so far lol.

I had my haircut, super short and I loved it. No more serabut long hair which took me hours to get ready every day. Some people asked me why I cut it short, putus cinta ka durg bilang. I said, no, I've been wanting to get myself this kind of haircut but ya, my exes didn't like girl with short hair. Since I'm single and not ready to mingle right now, so why not trying a new look kan?hewhewhewhew

2. I've conquered Mount Kinabalu wohooo!
It was an amazing experience, although I spent 5 days suffering from muscle pain xD

3. My sister and I went to a trip to Krabi and Bangkok. It was spontaneous. I got a promotion tix using my Bigpoint. Since we already been to Phuket, and almost all the beach we already covered, so I told my sister why not we just  stay one day at Krabi and take train to Bangkok? She agreed and tadaaa. We made it. Our first trip together after she delivered her baby Noah.

p/s em begitula kisah siaurang dalam bebE\erapa hari dolo. I'll miss blogging and will definitely write a longer post next xD


Frydolina Fay said...

I love yourrrr hairstyle!!! Lawa bah! And congrats mandak for conquering gunung Kinabalu..sia nda smpai pun puncak hahaha xD