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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Letter to Heaven.

Hello dad, It's been a while, your daughter is pretty busy handling college life, as I'm in the middle of semester 2 now :) Nothing much had changed since you're gone, we are still continuing our life, even though sometime we do feel hopeless and we do miss you dad :') 
Mum, she's not feeling very well in the fast few days, maybe because she is too tired from taking care of Charlie. Don't worry dad, we keep our promise to you, as we promised to you that we will always take a good care of her. She's okay, but she lose some weight.
How things going down there dad? 

Sister posted something about Tom and Jerry on Facebook today, it reminds me of your favourite cartoon back then, and your favourite ice cream is Red Bean Ice Potong. I still remember when we are going to the shop, you will asked us to buy the ice cream for you, and you don't want anything else, you just stick with your ice cream. I still remember your ghost stories you used to tell to us, to make us feel scared.Hahaa ;) You never failed to make us feel very scared with your stories. Some of the stories are funny, and we laughed together. 

When you're gone, things get a little harder.As for me, I'm the youngest in our family. I have to stay strong. I have no choice. To be stronger emotionally is a hard process.Trust me, along the way, I might be emo, I might be regretting what I've done, I might cry in the middle of the night but I kneel down and prayed, to seek for His love and calmness. It works. 

I'm not dwelling to the past dad, I know everything happens for a reason. It's time for you to meet Him. I want you to stay longer with us, but it would be a selfish act as I can only plan, but God decides everything.

I can only pray, along my way of life, I wish, I can stay walking with God and when it is the time for me to go, I know, eternal life is waiting for us. Thank you dad, for being our greatest dad, you will be always be my hero.  
much love,
your daugther


nGiau said...

hye yan, great letter to your dad. :) your dad must be so proud with you :) may God bless your dad :')

juwenjoanne said...

crying reading this.. be strong my friend..