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Monday, 26 November 2012

Finding the perfect one.

Janice's story.
All my life I've wondered whether I would find the perfect one for me.
I would like to introduced to you, Sung.
He's far from perfect, but so am I.
Neither of us are perfect, but he's perfect for me.

After watching this video, I was wondering something about love which I thought a very complicated thing *before* and then I realised that every girl searching for someone that isn't perfect but their imperfection complement with each other. It's like a puzzle, where the person is the missing piece like one of David Choi's song :)

There's no such thing as perfect girl or perfect guy. But it's a common thing where you have your own checklist on what type of person you want as your partner. I've been watching a few romantic movies lately and yeah, their stories were perfect until I wanna shed a tear.This story are written by the scriptwriters and you will not find it in the real world. Even if it exists the probability will be lower. So, don'g hope for your love story to be like in the movies, create your own. Find someone that will make your puzzle complete.

But I'll keep my story later. I haven't start a new story yet, been thinking to keep it a little while, as I'm on my mission to conquer the world. HAHAHA
Just kidding. I just want to go travelling so badly.A getaway from this crappy life would be nice. Next destination, an island, maybe? <3


juwen said...

love is beautiful. the day will come :)