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Saturday, 5 January 2013


let's reminisce some good memories and lessons I've learnt over the past few years :)

1.  Got myself a flying colours result In PMR, and able to see how happy my parent was back then.
2. Enrolled at MRSM Tawau, learn about adapting to new surrounding, smart people, friendship and falling in and out of love.
3. Struggling myself to adapt with my studies, I'm really not good in last minutes preparation, but I still do, and here comes the real pain when you will have sleepless night, just to fit into the smart-people-society.
4. Made new friends, some of them still keeping in touch with me.
5. Getting to know each other, telling each other's ambition. Chris, she wanted to be a doctor, specialty in pediatrics, Elfie, who always told us she wanted to be a lawyer,  An and Mao, sometimes I called them twins (they don't know :p) because they shared almost everything, passion and even ambition. They wanted to take Degree in TESL. Ness, my best friend since Secondary 1,  aimed for medic, same as Nabila and Holly. Me? I was so eager to pursue my study into medical field, preferably doctor, but I know my limit so I lowered it down to Pharmacist/Chemical Engineering.
6. I saw a combination of smart people, one friend with their ability to master English as a secondary language so well, amazing ability in arts, play guitar and can sing very well, queen of the track, sprinting and still score well in exam, and sleeping during classes but still got the highest mark.
7. Everyone aiming for SPC, but unfortunately my trial paper result wasn't so good and I'm not even qualified for interview. 
8. Heartbroken and hurting people's feeling, feeling regretful and I promised myself to let go all the memories during 2 years.
9. Flying colours in SPM, applied for JPA scholarship, got an interview but I screwed up.
10. I rejected matriculation offer, enter PASUM instead. Same surrounding, more brainiacs, tense arising. I lost track.
11. Feeling lost, confused, been in my darkest moment, said things I never meant to.
12. Trying to pull everything back together but it was harder to do it all by myself.I kept myself busy with church activities. 
13.Got accepted by UMSkal.
14. Prepared for a new ambition, a programmer, but good things came in between, I got accepted to UiTM, UPSI for diploma programme. Later on, I received a letter from SPA, and finally the best thing ever happen to me, the final decision that brought me here.

You can see that different people have their own ways in achieving their dream. Some route may be risky and rough and some might you see very easy and sometimes you doubt God's own way. I'm a human being, an ordinary one.How can I cope with all this trials during my life? I doubt myself for holding on so long. But it was not because of my own strength, but from God. I never though I'll be here but God's whole plan is always the best for me :)

I'm not stating all this story to say that I still dwelling on my past. I'm not. In fact I'm happy with the way I am now, the new story and adventure that I'll be telling my kids and grandkids soon. Who said I don't like what I am now,? Being paid to study, allowance every month, Guaranteed work after graduating (God willing), happy family, happy me. 

The most touching moment when you know your mum is very proud of yourself. I know dad is watching over me from heaven, and he's proud too :) 

moral of the story: never ever ever ever ever give up :P


juwen said...

Ooohh yan... Jelez with you.. I dont even cope any with your life studies.. Skg baru mau kejar cita2 :') Good luck kio!